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Free Quiz Downloads and Questions

Here at QuizDemon you will find a great range of quality quizzes – including Ready-Made Quizzes, Handouts, and Question Packs. Throughout this site you will find lots of free questions and downloads that have been put together here on these pages for you to browse.

Question Packs
Question Pack Rounds have fifty questions sorted into quiz rounds, by following the links you will find a full round plus three sample questions from each available pack.

GK and Pot Luck
A range of quality general knowledge and Pot luck questions – arranged into five rounds of interesting and entertaining questions.
Feature Rounds
Use these rounds to add variety to your quiz, packs include themes such as chain letters, blockbusters, multiple choice and many, many more …
In these rounds the initial letters of each 10 question round will spell a mystery word or phrase
Popular quiz rounds where teams need to take a word or words between four answers and work out what the link is

Team Answer Sheets
Once you’ve compiled your quiz top it off with one of these free answer sheets, there are different styles to choose from with questions ranging from 20 to 60.

Team Answer Sheets

Complete Sample Packs – Ready-Made Quizzes, Handouts and Questions

Pack 1. Forty Question Weekly Quiz
Pack 2. Fifty Question Quiz
Pack 3. Handout – Pics and Puzzles Style
Pack 4. Handout – Quiz Mix Style
Pack 5. Handout – Table-Top Style
Pack 6. Ready-Made Question Rounds

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