Hi there,

My name is Cath, I am based in the North West of England and I am the owner and quiz-compiler of QuizDemon Pub Quizzes – my aim is to provide low-cost, quality Quiz Packs and Handouts that are packed with interesting, entertaining and fun questions.

I first started both compiling and presenting quizzes in the mid-1990’s when I was landlady of a local community pub – (back then a state-of-the-art handout was a photocopied A4 piece of paper consisting of cut-out magazine pictures, and researching questions actually involved reading a book!!!!)

I continued to set a weekly quiz right up until leaving the pub trade in 2013 and having enjoyed the whole process of finding, researching and checking questions etc. I decided to devote the time needed to build a small business supplying a weekly pub quiz.

This website was launched in 2014 and I gradually went from supplying a weekly quiz by email to be able to offer the quiz by direct download. Once I had done this I was able to upload more ready-made quiz packs and I then moved on to introduce quiz question round packs.

Obviously an awful lot changed in 2020 when the Covid pandemic hit, during the time pubs were closed I spent time updating this site and introduced a new Weekly 40 Question Quiz – which is still going today.

I love putting quizzes together and always try to make each quiz as entertaining as I can for both quizmaster and quizzer alike – if this is your first visit why not check out the free downloads to see for yourself?

Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome so please feel free to get in touch,

Happy Quizzing!

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