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Joker Rounds
Five Rounds of Ten Questions

A Mix of Subject Rounds
Joker packs are ideal to use in Quizzes where teams are given the subject rounds in advance and are able to choose which round to play a joker on, meaning they can double their points for that round.
Click any title for more info and a sample question from each of the five subjects.
Take a look at a full sample round here

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Joker Rounds 03

The Rounds: 1. Around The World 2. Science and Nature 3. Books and Literature 4. TV Game Shows 5. Music

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Joker Rounds 02

The Rounds: 1. Food and Drink 2. Toys and Games 3. Sport 4. TV Comedy 5. Around The UK

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Joker Rounds 01

The Rounds: 1. Sport 2. Music 3. TV and Film 4. The Human Body 5. Around England

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