Feature Round Pack 03
Fifty Questions – Seven Rounds

This Feature Round pack has seven ready-made quiz rounds, three rounds of ten and four of five questions.

The rounds in this pack are:

Round 01. Rhyming Slang
Ten questions with answers that are also terms used in cockney rhyming slang, bonus points can be offered for naming the word/s the slang refers to
Round 02. Chain Letters
Ten questions where from the second question onward each answer begins with the last letter of the previous answer
Round 03. A Bunch of ‘B’s
Ten questions, all beginning with the letter ‘B’
Round 04. Surnames as First Names
Five questions where each answer is the name of a famous person whose surname is also a first name
Round 05. Weights and Measures
Five questions where each answer is, or contains, a weight or measure in the answer
Round 06. About Time
Five questions where each answer contains a word associated with time
Round 07. Double Up
Five questions, each of which has two answers

Sample Questions:
These are three questions taken from the ‘Rhyming Slang’ round, where each answer is a term used in Cockney Rhyming Slang (a bonus point can be offered for naming the word/s the slang refers to);

01. Which two items, associated with being part of a traditional English breakfast, are used as main ingredients in the Italian creamy sauce Carbonara?
Bacon and Eggs / Legs
02. Which popular singer set a pop record in 1955 when they had five hits in the UK top twenty at the same time?
Ruby Murray / Curry
03. Which fictional character wrote in their diary ‘I am fourteen today! Got a track suit and a football from my father. (He is completely insensitive to my needs)?
Adrian Mole / Dole

Quiz packs are supplied in a zip file with a 3 page PDF file (ideal for printing) and a copy in Word format (making it easy to make changes if needed).

Note: The rounds in this pack appear in 50 Question Quiz Packs 235, 279, 280, 282