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Ready-Made Quiz Packs
Two different formats of Ready-Made Quiz, a Weekly 40 Question Quiz available with topical and news questions, and a Fifty Question Quiz with 6 rounds – both quizzes include everything you need you need to run your Quiz!

• Complete Quiz + Handout
• Weekly Quiz with News
• 40 Question Quiz
• 50 Question Quiz

A wide variety of Handouts are available and offer fantastic value at just £1.20 each with a fun selection of pics, puzzles and teasers.

• Pics ‘n’ Puzzles
• Table-Top Style
• Quiz-Mix

Question Rounds – Build Your Own Quiz
Are you a Quizmaster on the lookout for Quiz Questions? Look no further! Question Round Packs each have 50 questions, pre-arranged into rounds of five or ten, with lots of different feature and themed rounds.

• GK and Pot Luck
• Feature Rounds
• Link-a-Letter
• Quiz-Links
• Joker Rounds

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Featured Quiz Packs

Quiz Pack 502

Feature Round: All About The Money, Theme Round: Entertainment Mix

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Complete Quiz 366 *New 20/07/2022

Comic Characters and Sum It Up + Five by Five and Blockbusters

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Joker Rounds 02

The Rounds: 1. Food and Drink 2. Toys and Games 3. Sport 4. TV Comedy 5. Around The UK

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Feature Rounds 06

The Rounds: 1. It’s A Man Thing 2. Four Letter Words 3. Multiple Choice 4. Double Initials 5. Numbers 6. All At ‘C’ 7. Mystery Year

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Ready Made Quizzes and Handouts
Everything you need to run a great Fun Pub Quiz!

Question Round Packs
Ideal to slot into or create your own quiz – 50 questions pre-arranged into rounds of 5 or 10 questions!

Themed Quiz Packs
Ready Made Quizzes and Handouts dedicated to a variety of different subjects …