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Here at QuizDemon you’ll find a great range of Ready-Made Quiz Packs, along with a variety of Handouts, and a selection of Question Rounds that will save you hours in preparation time, you can take a quick look with the free samples below – each link will open a new window – to download full packs (including files in both PDF and Word) go to the Free Downloads Page

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Everything Included To Run Your Fun Pub Quiz!

Why Choose QuizDemon For Your Pub Quiz?

With many years experience in both setting and hosting a regular pub quiz – (along with running said pub!) – you can be sure the style and variety of questions will make for a great quiz – (think of ‘The Chase’ with a little bit of ‘The Weakest Link’ and the odd ‘Mastermind’ thrown in!)

• Lots of variety with interesting questions to keep your quizzers entertained throughout your quiz – dedicated team answer sheets with each ready-made quiz, plus little snippets of extra info that the quizmaster can use to make your quiz stand out from the rest! 🛈

• Quiz files supplied in both PDF and Word, giving you the flexibility of simply printing out your quiz or taking the opportunity to add your own venue name to team answer sheets if you wish!

• A range of quiz packs for instant download and a brand new quiz every week with news and topical questions – and if you run a regular quiz you can subscribe for great benefits.

“Thanks for the great quizzes, they go down so well at our Club! You do amazing job!”
Jackie Smith, Liverpool

Ready-Made Quiz Packs

These quizzes are a great solution for the busy landlord (or Quizmaster!) – everything you need to run your quiz is included – simply print out your quiz and you’re ready to go!
Handouts | 40 Question Quizzes | 50 Question Quizzes | Complete Quiz Packs (50 Questions + Handout)

Quiz Pack 587 – New 14/05/2024

Includes Topical and in-the news questions. Feature Round: A to J, Theme Round: Entertainment Mix


New 14/05/2024 – Handout 587

This mix includes; Around The UK, According To The Lyrics, and TV Game Shows


New 07/05/2024 – Handout 586

This mix includes; Read All About It, Games By Chemical Symbols, and At The Movies


Complete Quiz 384

Dingbats and Lyrics + Double Up and Carry On Connections


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Question Round Packs

Build your own quiz with a range of question round packs – each has 50 questions already sorted into rounds making it easy to create a well-rounded quiz. There is also a selection of popular ‘Who Am I’ style questions, where just one round is used throughout your quiz.
GK and Pot Luck | Feature Rounds | Link-a-Letter | Quiz-Links | Joker Rounds | Multiple Choice | Who Am I

Who Am I – Pack 03

Who Am I’s in this pack; Steve Davis, Last of the Summer Wine, Leonard Nimoy, War of the Worlds, Susan Boyle


Multiple Choice 01

Fifty Multiple Choice Questions over Five Rounds


GK and Pot Luck 09

Fifty GK and Pot Luck Questions over Five Rounds


Quiz Links 04

Quiz Links: 1. Song Titles 2. The Word Bath 3. Chess Pieces 4. Wind in the Willows 5. Seas 6. Black 7. Money 8. Money 9. Cost 10. Hairstyles


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