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40 Question Weekly Quiz to suit home, pub or virtual quizzes. Published weekly to include topical and in-the-news questions.

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Are you searching for a Ready-Made Weekly Pub Quiz? Do you compile your own quiz but are looking for questions? On this site you will find a range of great value Ready-Made Quiz Packs and Question Round Packs which will save you hours in preparation time.

Short On Time?
Download these Free Quiz Packs Instantly and check them out at your leisure

Great Value

As well as saving you lots of time you will also find the Quiz Packs very competitively priced, with Handout Sheets and Question Packs at just £1.20 each, and a Full Complete Quiz, including a Handout and Fifty Question Quiz is only £3.60.

Ready-Made Quiz Packs

Follow the links for more info and to browse the quiz packs

  • Complete Quiz Packs. Handout + Quiz. Includes everything you need to run a Fun Pub Quiz. A brand new quiz every week, includes in-the-news and topical questions, or choose from a selection of packs with ‘timeless’ questions, ideal for an occasional or one-off quiz
  • Handout Sheets. A mix of pictures, puzzles and teasers. Use with a weekly quiz or compliment your own quiz with these quality Handouts
  • Fifty Question Quiz Packs. Six different rounds, includes Link-a-Letter, Quiz-Link, GK and Pot Luck plus Themed and Feature rounds
  • Table-Top Handouts. These Handouts focus one just one subject, includes Dingbats and Quotes
Question Packs

There are four different categories of Question Packs that each contain a great selection of quiz questions sorted into rounds of either five or ten, making them ideal to compile or slot into your own quiz

  • General Knowledge and Pot Luck. A collection of 50 questions on a wide range of general subjects such as music, history, geography, science etc., pre-sorted into mixed rounds of ten they are ideal to use as full rounds or alternatively questions can be grouped together to form a round on a specific subject.
  • Feature Rounds. Each pack has either six or seven rounds, split into questions of five or ten. Themes include;
    Blockbusters, 50/50, Surnames as First Names, Weights and Measures, Nicknames, Multiple Choice, Mystery Years and much more.
  • Link-a-Letter. In this quiz pack there are five rounds of ten questions where the initial letters of each answer spell a mystery word or phrase. Clues are provided if you want to give teams a hint to the answer – on the other hand you could make the round harder by asking the questions in random order, making them ‘anagram’ rounds.
  • Quiz-Links. A bumper selection of ten rounds of these popular quiz rounds, also known as connections the aim in which is for teams to take a word or words from four answers, and then work out what the link between them is.

Why Choose QuizDemon?
Quite simply because we believe we offer great quality, great value and great quizzes. Decide for yourself by trying out these free quiz packs.

For a complete Ready-Made quiz download this Complete Quiz Pack, which contains everything you need to run a fun pub quiz, If you are looking for questions download this Fifty Question Samples Pack, which has a range of question rounds ideal for slotting into, or compiling, your own quiz.

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  • Payment
    All purchases are made securely through PayPal. Once you checkout you will directed to the PayPal site to complete your order. You will then be redirected back to this site where you will find a link to your chosen quiz pack/s.
  • New Quiz Packs
    As well as a brand new Weekly Quiz there will be other regular Quiz Packs added. Anything you’d like to see? Please get in touch, feedback is always welcome.

Page updated 06 May 2020