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General Knowledge and Pot Luck Questions 04

Quiz Pack Contents
Five rounds of ten quality quiz questions with a variety of subjects. Here are three questions taken from this quiz pack (hover over each question to see the answers).

  • 1. Where is Margaret Thatcher Day celebrated on 10th January each year?
  • 2. In 2009 the Abbey, Alliance and Leicester and Bradford and Bingley Building Society were re-branded and became known by which name?
  • 3. Not including aces or court (face) cards, what is the total value of the numeric
    cards of all suits in a standard deck of playing cards?

Quiz packs are supplied in a zip file with a 3 page PDF file (ideal for printing) and a copy in Word format (making it easy to make changes if needed).

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Note: The rounds in this pack appear in weekly quiz numbers 279, 280, 282

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