Feature Round Pack 04
Fifty Questions – Seven Rounds

This Feature Round pack has seven ready-made quiz rounds, three rounds of ten and four of five questions.

The rounds in this pack are:

Round 01. Just One Name
Each answer is a person generally known by one name
Round 02. Nine Out Of Ten
Nine of the ten answers in this round begin with the letters ‘Ten’
Round 03. Nicknames
Ten questions, each answer is a nickname
Round 04. Double Initials
Five questions, each has a two word answer, both words beginning with the letter ‘L’
Round 05. Initials
Each answer in this round is a name or event that contains at least one single initial letter
Round 06. Let’s Hear It For The Boys!
Five questions where each answer contains a boy’s name
Round 07. Let’s Hear It For The Girls!
Just like the previous round, but with girls names in each answer

Sample Questions:
These are three questions taken from the ‘Let’s Hear It For The Girls!’ round, where each answer is, or contains, a girls’ name;

01. The ‘must-have’ toy of 1992 was both expensive and in short supply when Blue Peter came to the rescue and showed viewers how to create their own using old toilet rolls and silver foil – what was the name of the toy?
Tracy Island (from Thunderbirds)
02. On TV which family had the fictional address of 518 Crestview Drive?
The Beverly Hillbillies
03. With its origins from France, with phrase means ‘to have complete freedom to act as one wishes’?
Carte Blanche

Quiz packs are supplied in a zip file with a 3 page PDF file (ideal for printing) and a copy in Word format (making it easy to make changes if needed).

Note: The rounds in this pack appear in 50 Question Quiz Packs 319, 322, 323, 324