Joker Rounds Pack 01
Fifty Questions – Five Rounds

Question rounds based on just one subject, ideal to use in Quizzes where teams are given the subject rounds and are able to play a ‘joker’, doubling their points for that round.

The rounds in this pack are:

Round 01. Sport
Round 02. Music
Round 03. TV and Film
Round 04. The Human Body
Round 05. Around England

Sample Questions:
One question from each round;

01. Sport; Best known for its racecourse, which sporting venue has also staged the British Grand Prix?
02. Music; The name of which rock band was derived from one of its members and the change he used to give customers when he worked as a cashier at Starbucks?
(Bassist Mike Kroeger, coffee was $1.45 and when giving change he would often say ‘here’s a nickel back’)
03. TV and Film; What was the title of the 1990’s film sequel to the 1980’s film ‘Three Men and a Baby’?
Three Men And A Little Lady
04. The Human Body; Which major nerve extends from the lower part of the spine and passes through the pelvis on its way to the back of the leg?
05. Around England; In which historic village is ‘Cadbury World’, site of the original factory built by Richard and George Cadbury in 1879?

Quiz packs are supplied in a zip file with a 3 page PDF file (ideal for printing) and a copy in Word format (making it easy to make changes if needed).

Note: The rounds in this pack appear in 40 Question Quiz Packs 401, 402, 403, 419, 431