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Handout Sheet 334

Handout Sheet
A mix of twenty pictures, puzzles and trivia.

Eight famous duos to name
Odd One Out
Three questions where the aim is to name the odd item/name that does not belong with the others
Mixed Pics
An ‘impossible’ couple – Type of Bird – English punk band
Add A Letter
Three questions, each has two clues leading to a two-word answer, the second being the same as the first, but with the addition of an extra letter.
e.g. Clue – get in a scrap and take off. Ans = Fight and Flight
Bits ‘n’ Bobs
Dingbat – Song Lyrics from a 1982 UK hit – Anagram of a Famous Landmark

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Each quiz pack comes with two PDF files ready to print – one with the answers, one without. Files are also supplied in word doc format allowing you to easily tweak the handout if needed.
Note: This handout sheet forms part of Complete Quiz 334

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