Handout Sheet 335

A mix of twenty pictures, puzzles and trivia

This Handout Features:

  • Acting Royalty
    Eight actors to name along with the member of royalty they are portraying on TV or Film
    Sum It Up
    Three questions where the aim is to total up numbers based on clues
    e.g. The number of squares on a chess board + The number of minutes in a day + the square root of 576. Ans = 1528 (64+1440+24)
    Three cryptic picture clues that lead to a body part, a food item and a video game character
    Song Titles
    Three sets of song titles where the same single word can fill in a blank space to reveal the title of a UK top ten hit
    Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    Dingbat – Film plot-line – Anagram of a children’s character

This Handout is supplied in a zip file containing two files, one with the answers and a copy without. Files are supplied in both PDF (ideal for printing) and word format (making it easy to make changes if needed.)

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Note: This Handout Sheet forms part of Complete Quiz 335

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