Handout Sheet 351

A mix of twenty pictures, puzzles and trivia

This Handout Features:

  • All About ‘E’
    A mix of pics where each answer begins with the letter ‘E’
    Million-Selling Pop Blockbusters
    Three songs from the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s where the aim is to replace initial letters with words to reveal both the artist and song titles
    e.g.1983 – BJ had a hit with UG = Billy Joel / Uptown Girl
    Say what you see to reveal four Dingbats associated with food
    Film Reviews
    Two not-so glowing reviews from 1990’s films – can your teams name them?
    Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    Cryptic Clue to a Football Team – Odd One Out – Anagram of a UK Landmark

This Handout is supplied in a zip file containing two files, one with the answers and a copy without. Files are supplied in both PDF (ideal for printing) and word format (making it easy to make changes if needed.)

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Note: This Handout forms part of Complete Quiz 351

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