Handout 265 – Quiz Mix 06

A 20 question pub quiz Handout with a mix of 5 subjects, each with 4 questions

Subjects In This Handout:

  • Order Order!
    In this round there are four questions where four items need to be put into the correct order, here’s an example:
    1970’S Blockbuster Films – Earliest UK release to latest
    a) Jaws b) Grease c) Alien d) The Godfather
    Ans = D A B C (Godfather 1972, Jaws 1975, Grease 1978, Alien 1979)

    According to the Ads
    Four alcoholic beverages to name from their well-known slogans
    The Common Link
    When given a list of four items/names, the aim in this round is identify the common link between them
    Cryptic Clues
    A part of the body, a popular 1960’s group, a European capital city and a type of bird to name from the four cryptic clues
    Mix ‘n’ Match
    In this round there are four years that need to be correctly matched to four different events ranging from 2006 to 2013

This Handout is supplied in a zip file containing two files, one with the answers and a copy without. Files are supplied in both PDF (ideal for printing) and word format (making it easy to make changes if needed.)

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