Weekly Pub Quiz 401

Ready Made 40 Question Quiz
Includes Everything You Need To Run A Fun Pub Quiz!

• Two-Page Questions and Answers
• Questions and Answers Separately (great if you want to have a go yourself!)
• Team Answer Sheet
• Quizmasters Score Sheet

Four Rounds of 10 Questions

Round 1: Red White and Blue
• All answers in this round contain the word Red White or Blue

Round 2: General Knowledge
• A selection of ten quality General Knowledge quiz questions

Round 3: Sport
• A great mix of sports questions

Round 4: Pot Luck
• Finish off your quiz with a great range of Pot Luck questions

Sample Questions
• Two questions from Round 1 (Red White and Blue) and two from Round 3 (Sport)

1. A person who drives what type of vehicle is often stereotyped as a self-employed, selfish and inconsiderate driver?
A White Van Man
2. Which Norwegian Viking is known for discovering and colonizing Greenland?
Eric The Red
3. Best known for its racecourse, which sporting venue has also staged the British Grand Prix?
4. In 1979, Catherine McTavish made history by becoming the first female to perform which role in a major court at Wimbledon?

Includes a tiebreaker relevant to a question contained in the quiz

This Quiz Pack is supplied in a zip folder containing everything you need to run your quiz
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