Weekly Pub Quiz 475

Ready Made 40 Question Quiz
Includes Everything You Need To Run A Fun Pub Quiz!

• Two-Page Questions and Answers
• Questions and Answers Separately (great if you want to have a go yourself!)
• Team Answer Sheet
• Quizmasters Score Sheet

Four Rounds of 10 Questions

Round 1: It’s All BS
• All ten answers in this round begin with the initials BS

Round 2: General Knowledge
• A selection of ten quality General Knowledge quiz questions

Round 3: Just Three Words
• Ten questions that all lead to three-word answers

Round 4: Pot Luck
• Finish off your quiz with a great range of Pot Luck questions

Sample Questions
• Two questions from Round 1 (It’s All BS) and two from Round 3 (Just Three Words)

1. In EastEnders, what is the name of the busy road – with pub, shop, café and launderette – that’s runs from Albert Square to Turpin Road?
Bridge Street
2. What stretch of water separates Alaska from the Russian Mainland?
Bering Strait
3. Introduced by Littlewoods in the early 1970’s, which competition was played by around three million people a week during its heyday, all chasing a rarely won jackpot of £250,000?
Spot The Ball
4. (Following on from a top 20 hit in 1983 with ‘Rat Rapping’), which children’s TV character had a top 40 hit in 1984 with their version of Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me Tender’?
Roland Rat Superstar

Includes a tiebreaker relevant to a question contained in the quiz

This Quiz Pack is supplied in a zip folder containing everything you need to run your quiz
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