Weekly Pub Quiz 465

Ready Made 40 Question Quiz
Includes Everything You Need To Run A Fun Pub Quiz!

• Two-Page Questions and Answers
• Questions and Answers Separately (great if you want to have a go yourself!)
• Team Answer Sheet
• Quizmasters Score Sheet

Four Rounds of 10 Questions

Round 1: Double Up
• Ten questions, each with two answers

Round 2: General Knowledge
• A selection of ten quality General Knowledge quiz questions

Round 3: A Bite to Eat
• Each answer in this round either is, or contains, something you could eat

Round 4: Pot Luck
• Finish off your quiz with a great range of Pot Luck questions

Sample Questions
• Two questions from Round 1 (Double Up) and two from Round 3 (A Bite to Eat)

1. From the 1990’s, which two UK chart-topping hits from Madonna had one-word titles?
Vogue (1990) / Frozen (1998)
(Music was 2000, Sorry 2006)
2. Who were the first two men to step onto the surface of the moon?
Neil Armstrong / Buzz Aldrin
3. After joining ‘Blue Peter’ in 1997 which presenter was famously sacked one year later for cocaine use?
Richard Bacon
4. Also known as a ‘London Particular’, what name was given to the famous thick fogs of London back in Dickensian times?

Includes a tiebreaker relevant to a question contained in the quiz

This Quiz Pack is supplied in a zip folder containing everything you need to run your quiz
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