Complete Ready-Made Quiz 347
Handout Sheet + Fifty Question Quiz

Handout Sheet
A mix of pics puzzles and teasers

  • Mixed Pics
    A variety of pics, includes film, sport and TV, with all answers beginning with the letter ‘R’
    The aim in this round is to fill in blank spaces with consonants to reveal the name of a snooker player, a board game and a fictional sleuth
    Three types of animals to name from cryptic images
    Word Play – Ends and Beginnings
    Three clues that reveal a two-word answer where the last two letters of the first word become the first two letters of the next.
    e.g. Clue – ‘AL’ a non-citizen unlawfully living in another country. Ans = Illegal Alien
    Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    A Dingbat to solve – Song Lyrics from a well-known song – Anagram of a British seaside resort

Fifty Question Quiz
Rounds two and five have 5 questions, all other rounds have 10 questions

Round 1: Link-a-Letter
• The initial letters of each answer will spell a sporting event
Round 2: All About ‘C’
• Five questions where each answer both begins and ends with the letter ‘C’
Round 3: GK and Pot Luck
• A selection of ten General Knowledge and Pot Luck questions
Round 4: Tom Dick and Harry
• All answers in this round are either a Tom, Dick or Harry
Round 5: Quiz-Link
• The aim in this round is to take a word or words contained in four answers and work out what the common link is
Round 6: The Final Countdown
• Rounding off the quiz with another great selection of ten general knowledge and pot luck questions

There are two tiebreakers, both relevant to questions used in the main quiz

This Quiz Pack is supplied in a zip folder containing everything you need to run your quiz
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