Complete Ready-Made Quiz 323
Handout Sheet + Fifty Question Quiz

Handout Sheet
A mix of pics puzzles and teasers

  • The ‘A’ Game
    A mix of pics – all beginning with the letter ‘A’
    Odd One Out
    Four lists, each with something that doesn’t belong with the others
    Sporting Equipment
    Three pieces of sporting equipment to name from their descriptions
    Man in the Middle
    First answer the two clues then take the surname of the first person and combine it with the first name of the second to reveal a mystery ‘middle-man’.
    e.g. ‘Fill Me In’ Singer and Princess Fiona’s Voice in Shrek = (Craig) David Cameron (Diaz)
    Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    Anagram of a Beatles song – Song Lyrics from a 1980 hit – Dingbat, similar to catchphrases, say what you see to reveal the answer

Fifty Question Quiz
Rounds two and five have 5 questions, all other rounds have 10 questions

Round 1: Link-a-Letter
• The initial letters of each answer will spell a famous name from legend
Round 2: Initials
• Each answer in this round is a name or event that contains a single letter
Round 3: GK and Pot Luck
• A selection of ten General Knowledge and Pot Luck questions
Round 4: Nicknames
• The answer to each question in this round is a nickname
Round 5: Quiz-Link
• The aim in this round is to take a word or words contained in four answers and work out what the common link is
Round 6: The Final Countdown
• Rounding off the quiz with another great selection of ten general knowledge and pot luck questions

There are two tiebreakers, both relevant to questions used in the main quiz

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