Handout Sheet 282

A mix of twenty pictures, puzzles and trivia

This Handout Features:

  • Flagmaps
    Seven countries to name from their shape-filled flags
    Musical Soundtracks
    A selection of soundtracks taken from which three musicals
    Alphabetical Numbers
    Three questions where the aim is to answer a question, then using the relevant numbers of the alphabet (ie a=1, b=2 etc) total up the sum of the letters for each answer
    That Was The Year That Was
    Three mystery years to identify from three events, one year each from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s
    Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    A dingbat to solve – A quote from a film character – An anagram to unravel

This Handout is supplied in a zip file containing two files, one with the answers and a copy without. Files are supplied in both PDF (ideal for printing) and word format (making it easy to make changes if needed.)

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Note: This Handout forms part of Complete Quiz 282

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