Complete Ready-Made Quiz 325
Handout Sheet + Fifty Question Quiz

Handout Sheet
A mix of pics puzzles and teasers

  • Statues of Honour
    From the world of Sport, Music and Literature, six famous statues to identify
    Character Catchphrases
    Four catchphrases where the aim is to name both the TV series and the character associated with each phrase
    Mixed Pics
    Animated character – Actor – Drinks Logo – Board game
    According To The Lyrics
    Three song titles are revealed by finishing each line of lyrics
    Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    Movie tagline – Dingbat, similar to a catchphrase, say what you see to reveal the answer – Chess notation

Fifty Question Quiz
Rounds two and five have 5 questions, all other rounds have 10 questions

Round 1: Link-a-Letter
• The initial letters of each answer will spell a musical instrument
Round 2: Two Out Of Three
• Each question in this round has three answers, one is given but can teams name the other two
Round 3: GK and Pot Luck
• A selection of ten General Knowledge and Pot Luck questions
Round 4: Hey JC!
• Each answer is a famous name with the initials JC
Round 5: Quiz-Link
• The aim in this round is to take a word or words contained in four answers and work out what the common link is
Round 6: The Final Countdown
• Rounding off the quiz with another great selection of ten general knowledge and pot luck questions

There are two tiebreakers, both relevant to questions used in the main quiz

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