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Complete Ready-Made Quiz 247 – St Patrick’s Day Special

Features a ‘Famously Irish’ Handout Sheet and a Forty Question quiz

Handout Sheet
Famously Irish

A mix of sixteen Irish people, fictional characters and pop groups. Includes famous names from the past and present, such as comedian Dara O’Briain, actor Richard Harris, playwright Oscar Wilde and pop group ‘The Script’. Also included are two fictional characters, from Coronation Street and Mrs Brown’s Boys, plus names from the world of sport.

Question Rounds
There are four rounds of ten questions, plus an extra round of ten spare questions.

Round One: General Knowledge and Pot Luck
Starting off with ten GK and Pot Luck questions
Round Two: Irish Music
Ten questions on both traditional and pop music
Round Three: Multiple Choice
Each question in this round has a choice of three answers, which are already printed on the Team Answer Sheet
Round Four: General Knowledge and Pot Luck
Rounding off the quiz with another selection of GK and Pot Luck
Spare Questions:
Use as replacement questions or an extra round
There are two tiebreakers, both relevant to questions used in the main quiz

Quiz Pack Details

The Handout Sheet comes with two PDF files ready to print – one with the answers, one without.

Quiz Pack Details
This Quiz pack includes a Team Answer Sheet and a handy Score-sheet. The quiz questions are supplied in two different layouts;

-First, if you want to print and save paper, there is a two-page file, with two rounds on each page.
-Alternatively there is a multi-page option which is more suited to reading from a pc/tablet, or to print leaving yourself room for notes.
-Both layouts also have a copy with the answers removed, meaning you can have a go yourself, and also avoid anyone peeking over your shoulder checking for the answers!

All files are in PDF ready to print and are also supplied in word doc format allowing you to tweak the questions if needed.

Purchase Details
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