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Feature Rounds
Each Pack Has Fifty Questions Split Into Rounds of Five or Ten

Feature Rounds have questions taken from a wide range of subjects that are grouped together to create a common theme. Rounds include Blockbusters, Chain Letters, Multiple Choice, First Names, Three of a Kind, Mystery Years, 50/50 and much, much more …
This page has a full sample round plus three questions from each of the Feature Round Packs available.

Feature Round – Full Sample Round

From the second question onward each answer contains a word from the previous answer

01. Which Charles Dickens novel features a character called Miss Haversham, who as a young woman had been jilted just minutes before her wedding?
Great Expectations
02. Which man made structure that started approx. 500BC is made up of a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood and other materials?
The Great Wall of China
03. Which song was a UK number one hit in 1987 for ‘T’Pau’
China In Your Hand
04. In which classic film does Paul Newman eat 50 eggs for a bet?
Cool Hand Luke
05. In TV’s ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, what were the names of the two brothers?
Bo and Luke
06. According to the nursery rhyme, which character negligently lost a number of her farm animals and assumed that they would eventually return home of their own accord?
Little Bo Beep
07. What was the name of the battle commonly known as ‘Custer’s Last Stand’?
Little Big Horn
08. Which brass instrument has the reputation for being the hardest to play?
French Horn
09. Which comic celebrity couple were married for 25 years before divorcing in 2010?
Lenny Henry
10. Which puppet character was created by ventriloquist Terry Hall after he visited the zoo whilst working the summer season at Blackpool?
Lenny The Lion

Feature Round Pack 01
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Each answer is, or contains, a nationality

11. What name is given to the group of soldiers who protect the pope and his residence?
Swiss Guard
12. In a poll carried out in 2014, the Monty Python ‘dead parrot’ sketch was named the nation’s favourite routine – what breed was the parrot in question?
Norwegian Blue
13. Apart from greyhounds, which other breed of dog has occasionally run at racetracks?
Afghan Hound

Feature Round Pack 02
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It’s All In A Name
Each answer is, or contains, a christian name

01. Melbourne is the capital city of which Australian state?
02. Constructed in the early 1800’s by engineer William Hedley, what name was given to the commercial steam engine used to haul coal wagons on metal rails?
Puffing Billy
03. Which type of bird is the most colourful of the crow family, and famous for its habit of burying acorns in the autumn to be dug up later in the winter?

Feature Round Pack 03
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Cockney Rhyming Slang
Each answer is a term used in ‘Cockney Rhyming Slang’, a bonus point can be offered for naming what the slang term is for

01. Which two items, associated with being part of a traditional English breakfast, are used as main ingredients in the Italian creamy sauce Carbonara?
Bacon and Eggs / (Legs)
02. Which popular singer set a pop record in 1955 when they had five hits in the UK top twenty at the same time?
Ruby Murray / (Curry)
03. Which fictional character wrote in their diary ‘I am fourteen today! Got a track suit and a football from my father. (He is completely insensitive to my needs.)?
Adrian Mole / (Dole)

Feature Round Pack 04
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Let’s Hear It For The Girls
Each answer is, or contains, a girls name

01. The ‘must-have’ toy of 1992 was both expensive and in short supply when Blue Peter came to the rescue and showed viewers how to create their own using old toilet rolls and silver foil – what was the name of the toy?
Tracy Island (From ‘Thunderbirds’)
02. On TV which family had the fictional address of 518 Crestview Drive?
The Beverly Hillbillies
03. With its origins from France, with phrase means ‘to have complete freedom to act as one wishes’?
Carte Blanche

Feature Round Pack 05
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Each question has two answers

01. Which two letters of the alphabet provided the codenames of the agents played
by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the series of ‘Men in Black’ films?
J / K
02. A cocker spaniel called Arthur served as best man at which couples’ 2005
showbiz civil partnership ceremony?
Elton John / David Furnish
03. Known as ‘Custer’s Last Stand’, which two Indian Tribes combined forces to
defeat cavalry troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn?
Sioux / Cheyenne

Feature Round Pack 06
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It’s A Man Thing
The word ‘man’ appears somewhere in each answer

01. Nicknamed ‘Pete Marsh’, what other name was given to a preserved body discovered in a peat bog near Wilmslow, Cheshire in 1984?
Lindow Man (Officially Lindow II)
02. First appearing in 1989, what was the original title of the Daily Mirrors long-running comic strip featuring the ‘Wild West’s most gormless cowboy’?
A Man Called Horace
03. Written in just 15 minutes, which hit for Tammy Wynette is one of the best-selling singles in the history of country music?
Stand By Your Man

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