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Mixed Trivia Quiz
Fifteen General Knowledge and Pot Luck Questions

1. In a well-known fable, which animal judged the race between the tortoise and the hare?


2. Said to be the second most photographed timepiece in England after Big Ben, in which city would you find ‘The Eastgate Clock’?


3. Invented by pastry chef Dominique Ansel in 2013, a Cronut is a cross between which two food items?

Croissant and Donut

4. TV Theme (Hint)

Law & Order: UK

5. Which company makes the product which, since 1961, has been famously advertised by a blond-haired boy wearing glasses and dressed in a cowboy suit?

(The Milky Bar Kid)

6. Launched in the 1980’s whose invention became a national joke, earning various nicknames including Skinny Mini, Hoover Hedgehog and Doodle-buggy?

Clive Sinclair
(The Sinclair C5, it went on to become regarded as ahead of its time)

7. When Elizabeth Taylor played the title role in the 1963 epic film drama ‘Cleopatra’, who played opposite her in the role of Julius Caesar?

Rex Harrison
(Richard Burton played the role of Mark Antony)

8. TV Clip (Hint)

Star Trek: Voyager
(Characters are the Doctor and Seven-of-Nine)

9. In 2010 ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ opened in which Florida theme park?

Universal Studios

10. Which of Roger Hargreaves Mr Men characters had an upside down front door, a clock which started at 12 then went back to 1, and rented a hotel room telling the manager ‘Afternoon Good, I’d room a like’?

Mr Topsy Turvy

11. If Hitler would have had the successful invasion of England as he had hoped, which seaside town did he intend to use as his ‘personal playground’?
A – Brighton B – Blackpool C – Skegness

B – Blackpool

12. Can you name both the composer and piece of work?

Peter and the Wolf / Sergei Prokofiev

13. In a phrase used for practicing typing skills, what is it that ‘jumps over the lazy dog’?

The Quick Brown Fox
(The sentence uses all the letters of the alphabet)

14. Who was Prime Minister of the UK as we entered the 21st century?

Tony Blair

15. From 1926, which company claimed to have created the first waterproof watch?

(They then went on to prove it when it was worn by a swimmer in 1927 who crossed the English Channel whilst wearing it)